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Distribute your music on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play and more.

Your music — on all the most popular download and streaming sites worldwide. With 100+ digital distribution partners (and more being added all the time) we’ll get your music for sale in places around the world in a matter of days. Digital Distribution is the new method of selling and streaming your music and reaching a broader audience around the world. Now it is possible to sell and stream your music through the Internet and reach an unlimited, worldwide audience without the necessity of physical product. WHTV1 will take care of all setup and paperwork needed for getting started with Distrokid, Tunecore, and others! 


FAST: Get Played on iTunes, Spotify & 150+ digital music partners.

In a flash, TuneCore Music Distribution can put your music on the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world. They get to hear your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play…. Upload your music today, and before you know, you’ll be heard around the world.


EASY: Share Music Worldwide & Keep Creative Control.

As a TuneCore artist, you maintain complete creative control. You decide when you’ll release new music, what your fans will hear and how you’ll market it. And TuneCore and your fellow TuneCore artists give you tips that help your creative process, grow your fan base and get your music out there.


FAIR: Distribute Music for $29.99. Keep 100% of Your Revenue.

You can distribute a single for just $29.99 or an entire album for only $49.99 for the first year. At TuneCore, you keep your distribution costs low and retain 100% of your music rights and 100% of your sales revenue. It’s a fair deal. Our best deal. These prices reflect WHTV1 services and set up fees.

You can earn money when your sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. On any videos!

You earn money when other people use your sound recordings in their videos and on your own YouTube videos too. TuneCore can collect all this revenue for you through its YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service. There is a low, one-time setup fee for all your current and future sound recordings and you keep 80% of collected revenue!

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

When the songs you write are downloaded or streamed worldwide, you may be earning royalties you don’t even know about. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration finds & collects these royalties for you. One time admin set up fee of  $125.00.

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